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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Protect your keyboard against everyday spills such as water, coffee, milk, tea, and more

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Germ Protection
You wash your hands to prevent germs, why not your keyboard? You can easily remove the keyboard skin and wash it to protect it and you from various germs.
Spill-Resistant Design
Protect your keyboard against everyday spills such as water, coffee, milk, tea, and more. The Key skin also prevents leftover crumbs from collecting between the keys and hampering its ability to work.
Dust Protection
Dust and moisture accumulating on the laptop keyboard can affect the way it works Protect your keyboard from cigarette ash, dust, food residue, and other contaminants.
High Precision
The ultra-thin design enables high precision. However, it will have no influence whatsoever on your typing experience.

Plug-And-Play Connection

The Spice Wireless Keyboard and Mouse has a plug and play connection. Just insert the receiver into a USB port on your computer and begin using them right away.
There is no need to pair the mouse to your computer or download software; simply plugin and start, hassle-free.

9 Drainage Holes

The spill-resistant design means you don’t have to worry about the keyboard malfunctioning after spills. The nine drainage holes drain any liquid that may have entered the keyboard.

Sturdy, Adjustable Tilt Legs

Keyboard Tilt can be increased to 8 degrees by extending the sturdy legs. It’s designed for comfort with natural contours and shapes, allowing your wrist and hands to be comfortable.

Long Battery Life

An On/Off switch at the bottom of your mouse helps conserve power. Added onto the smart sleep mode, this mouse has a battery life like no other.

Reliable 2.4ghz Wireless

Plugin the tiny USB receiver and enjoy the secure connection with no time lag, from up to 10 meters (33 ft) away from your computer. While environmental conditions may cause the wireless range to vary slightly, you will always have the connection you need.

Tiny Nano Receiver

The nano receiver is small enough to fit into your USB port, leaving you with no worry of losing or breaking it. If you need to remove it, it’s stored safe and sound inside the mouse.

Keyboard Durability Test

Keyboard water-spill-resistance / drainage holes test