iV 101

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iV 101 Feature Phone

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BT Calling Feature

Call With Bluetooth

2 Mtr Long Wire

Tried to read your phone in bed while it’s charging? Tried using it while it’s plugged in and you’re on the couch watching TV? It can be a pain – right !. But with iVOOMi 2m long charging cable convenience is what you are looking for…

Torch On Top
1000mAh Battery
Wireless FM
BT 2.0
1.77 Inch QVCA
Long Wire
Speaker 2030
Dual Sim

Expandable Memory Upto 64 GB

Extra space is a nice luxury. iVOOMi iV 101 has expandable memory Upto 64GB.


Wireless FM Radio

Enjoy music anytime anywhere with the wireless FM radio. Listening to radio on the go is simpler now with iVOOMi iV 101.

Torch on Top

ivoomi iV 101 torch on the top comes in handy in many different situations, like when you’re having a hard time unlocking your front door late at night, or looking for something in a dark room or walking on the dark road or even attracting someone’s attention when you are in trouble.

1.77 inch QVGA

Quarter Video Graphics Array, iVOOMi iV 101 has display that use 320×240 resolution (320 pixels horizontally by 240 pixels vertically) or 240×320 resolution if the display is taller than wide.

Dual Sim

iV 101 has two sim card ‘slots’ inside one device. It is convenient to add one sim while you are travailing to save international tariffs and choose better data plans. Additional sim gives you the convenience of two numbers to separate work from pleasure.