OxiScan Pulse Oximeter


SKU: 492304-1-1

Intex OxiScan Pulse Oximeter with Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Heart Rate and SpO2 Levels Oxygen Meter with LED Display Pulse Oximeter (Black)


  • Fingertip Oximeter
  • LED Lights
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General Features
Type Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Ideal For Men, Women, Junior, Senior
Operational LED Lights Yes
Certification Approved by Approved by CE/FDA
Readings Displayed Pulse Rates
Measurement Range
Oxygen Saturation Range 0% SpO2 to100% SpO2
Pulse Rate Range 25 to 250 BPM
Measurement Accuracy Calibrated at Âą±2% SpO2 for Oxygen Saturation and Âą2 BPM for Pulse
Alarm Yes, Visual Alarm Alarm

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